Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tragic Kingdom

To begin, I would like to thank you for your patients as I have delayed sharing my experiences with each and every one of you. Even though this has been a very fun and exciting trip, I came across some untimely setbacks. I made a huge mistake in trusting someone that does not practice self control and his decisions and lack of consideration for others put me in a tough position. Fortunately, I still managed to enjoy myself and experience the place and main attraction most people go visit while in Orlando, Florida.

When I first saw the welcome sign to Magic Kingdom, the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite band’s album. No Doubt’s, Tragic Kingdom, which was the third album they released in 1995, but their first under big label company, Interscope. This album is my favorite out of all their albums, and thanks to their famous song “Don’t Speak”, their fame grew immensely world wide which officially put them on the map. All I could think about was how a few letters made the difference between Tragic and Magic. It truly was an irony that I myself was experiencing, not tragedy, but some very uncomfortable moments during that magical week. I learned some important lessons that may assist you on your journey through life as you pursue your goals and dreams.

First, I learned not to trust anyone with one’s personal goals or plans, because even if they have good intentions they will not be able to choose what is best for your goals or your life. Disney did not come from a very wealthy family, but looked for ways and took the steps necessary to reach his dream. It is very important to be prepared for the opportunities we are seeking, because when those opportunities are in front of us we need to know exactly how to react. We need to take control of our own destiny if we want to reach our highest potential. Many people have benefited from Disney’s dedication and work, and a century later his dream still flourishes greatly and abundantly.

Second, do not take for granted what you have at the present time, because it may not be there for long. Thanks to the strange turn of events that took place I met some amazing people, but one specific person stood out the most. I had an inspirational conversation with a 30 year old Argentinean woman that deeply impacted me. Unfortunately, our time was so brief I didn’t even catch her name, but that kind lady shared with me as she broke down weeping about what kind of sacrifices she had to make so she could arrive in the U.S.A. We aren’t talking about a family member or friend preparing something for her to come to, but just to make enough income to purchase a ticket to get to America. She was blessed enough that she didn’t have to go through the treacherous torture and pain as many poor immigrants have to go through to cross the desert to get over the border. What she did do, was take care of her mother that had gone through a tough accident. Deprived from many things, including personal time ended affecting her personal relationships. She also worked about 12 hours a day in a bakery and because of all that rigorous work, she suffers from carpal tunnel in her wrists. She worked and labored hard for years, and on her tenth year she took the courageous decision to take action and travel to the United States. Walt Disney moved from state to state seeking to position himself in the right location, and finally he moved his family to California where his dream began to blossom. He positioned himself for success, by taking action and leaving his comfort zone. Planning is important, but taking action is even more vital, so your dreams can begin to take form.

Finally, expect harsh turns or rough shifts in your path as you continue to walk towards your dream. No matter what happens stay focused, because things that hit you from an angle you weren’t expecting can really fracture you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Depending on the situation or circumstance it may be a financial setback, death in the family, or partners may bale out, but whatever happens stay focused on your goal. Staying focused on the prize is what will bring you out of some of the very darkest points of your life or career. Again, no one knows when or where they will come from, but when they do, be prepared to fight for your dream. Do not give in, but be watchful so you don’t get blindsided too hard. It’s going to hurt, but if you are prepared and precautious it might not hurt as bad. Disney also struggled with his first business and it actually didn't do well, yet he sill learned from it.

In closing, these life lessons that we will all come across shouldn't stop us from reaching our goals, but instead teach us and prepare us for what is to come. Many people don’t understand what kind of obstacles Disney went through to create a place that feels as wonderful as Magic Kingdom. Thanks to the rough period in my trip, I was able to truly enjoy the wonder and delight that Disney desired to share with the world, and I really did feel like anything was possible there. Being in Disney World also inspired me to keep traveling the world, pursue my dream, and continue to work hard. Magical Kingdom made me feel hopeful for my future, and reminded that “Dreams can come true.” No matter what happens in life, we must get up, dust ourselves off, and continue forward just like Disney did. As the Cuban saying goes,

“Forward, Onward; backwards never, not even to get momentum.”

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