Friday, December 19, 2014

3Ball MTY in Denver

3Ball MTY pronounced "Tribal Monterrey” was in town this week, and they performed at Larimer Lounge on their latest Honda Civic Tour through 21 cities of the USA. The DJ trio from San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico, was formed in 2009 by three teenage DJs Erick Rincon, Sergio Zavala (DJ Sheeqo Beat), and Alberto Presenda (DJ Otto). The song that helped them grow and made them famous was "Inténtalo" which reached No.1 on the Billboard Latin Songs chart for two non-consecutive weeks in 2012. The song was performed live by the group at the 2012 ceremony of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, and on November 15, 2012, 3Ball MTY won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

When I listen 3Ball MTY, I think about my childhood days listening to Sonora Dinamita y Fito Olivares with my father. Those were the biggest names of Cumbia during that time, and that’s when my love for Cumbia began. Every time to this day when I listen to Cumbia I feel a deep urge inside to get up and boogie no matter where I am. When I first heard of 3Ball MTY, they reminded me of a mixture of artists. I’m pretty sure there have been other Mexican or Latino DJs that mixed Cumbia with other genres of music, but as you know the popularity of a certain genre or style only grows when something gets the attention of the main stream or promo giants.

Kumbia Kings and Chicos De Barrio were leading the pack in the brand new style of Cumbia after Sonora Dinamita’s time was ending. They brought Hip Hop, RNB, and various styles to Cumbia. You never really heard rapping on top of Cumbia besides these two emerging bands. Granted A.B. Quintanilla had been testing the waters of evolution and mixing genres during his time with his sister Selena. That’s why she changed the Tejano music industry in Texas and Mexico. Some say she changed it because she was a female, but I feel she brought a different sound and type of Tejano or Cumbia.

3Ball MTY have a certain sound that is basically Cumbia and Techno. They also bring another effect that reminds me of the famous Texas Chop and Screw style. The late DJ Screw who passed away in 2000 at the age of 29, changed the game of Hip Hop with his style and creativity. He would slow tracks down to about half the speed, but 3Ball MTY actually speeds their beats up. What has really expanded 3Ball MTY, and what makes them stand out from other DJs or bands is that they brought in the guarachero style. This style hasn’t always been as popular in some areas of Mexico.

While growing up in Cd. Juarez, Mexico I would see the poor native families play instruments next to the line of vehicles trying to cross the border. Tips from the people that drove by is how these families made a living. 3Ball MTY has been one of the few groups or DJs that actually bases majority of their sound out of that “Tribal” native style which I recognize when i hear it, and that’s why I believe makes 3Ball MTY different.

Because 3Ball MTY thought outside the box and didn’t care what history or people may have thought about a certain genre, this is the reason why they have risen to such heights and are enjoying the fruits of their labor and risk. Now they get to share stages with some of the most popular artist in the music industry including Justin Bieber and many more even though they don’t do the same style music as those they share their performances with.

Albert Einstein once said

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”


December 19
Flamenco Christmas
Mercury Cafe
2199 California St.
Denver, CO 80205
7pm $15

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